Registration cancelled 30 days prior to the start date for course is subject to a  EURO 1000.- cancellation fee.

30 days prior to 1 day  before the course is subject to a 2000.- Euro cancellation fee.

The balance will be refunded.

In default of appearance or cancellation on the beginning of the course  the attendance fee will incur in full.


If the event has to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control, no travel and hotel costs will be refunded.





Rules regulating the use of donor materials




  1. The Division of Anatomy of the Medical University of Vienna trives for minimizing the danger of infections while working with body donor materials. Corpse inspection and medical records confirming the absence of infectious diseas proir to death are available for all body donors used in postgraduate teaching courses. Yet, body donors are not actively screened for infectious diseas. Hence the use of body donor materials is only permitted in appropriately equipped and specially labelled rooms in combination with wearing adequate protective garment. When leaving the specified rooms, all protective garment must be removed.
  2. Eating, drinking, smoking and using telephones is strictly prohibited in all dissection rooms
  3. The door to the dissection rooms have to be kept closed
  4.  Identification labels specifying the specimens may not be removed from body donor material. If the labels hinder dissection, they   may be detached and reattached to other parts of the respective specimens.
  5. Body donor materials may not be removed from the dissection room.
  6. Creating footage (photos, videos) as well as sound recordings are strictly prohibited in dissection rooms.




          Violations against items 4 to 6 are reported and result in criminal charges §190 of the Austrian Criminal Code (STGB)






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Terms and Conditions