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Thank u very much 4 your courses,that's was amazing. I wish to come in autumn!

I would like to thank you again for the course I have taken part of last week, in Vienna. It has been very helpful and I am looking forward to put to practice everything that I have learned. I attach a photo of last week's group as a token of my appreciation.
Thank you once again!

Congratulations on such good work preparing for such wonderful courses for the students. I want to thank you all for the good work done. Please register me for the next courses.

Auf diesem Wege möchte ich mich nochmals ganz herzlich für die Möglichkeit bedanken, dass ich an diesem Kurs zu teilnehmen durfte. Ich war und bin schwer beeindruckt, was Sie da auf die Beine gestellt haben.

The last course was excellent. I am very pleased as always. I would like to thank you for the excellent organization. I know is a little late, but I want to ask you about the November course. Is it possible to find one more place for my assistant, a young  surgeon. Please be so kind and let me know if there is such a possibility. I will be very obliged if it succeeds.

Nochmals vielen Dank für den tollen Kurs und die freundliche Betreuung. Wir sehen uns möglicherweise wieder in einem der restlichen Ihrer Kursen.

ich wollte mich für die sehr gute Zusammenarbeit in Wien ganz herzlich bei Dir bedanken. Alle waren sehr zufrieden und uns macht es auch sehr viel Spaß nach Wien zu kommen. Danke auch für die Einladung zum Abendessen. Die Stimmung war wie immer sehr gut.

Dear Dr. Traxler and Dear Dr. Fock It was a great experience that we had in your center and beautiful city of Wien last week. I would like to thank you for your great hospitality during our time in the anatomy center. It was indeed a great pleasure for me to meet you. I hope we will have upcoming events in the following years and have the chance to visit you again. Please do inform me if you come over Turkey by any chance. By the way tell all your assistants our thanks for their helps.

Sehr gerne möchte ich mich nochmals auf diesem Weg, bedanken, dass ich bei Euch mitmachen durfte.
Es war - wie nicht anders erwartet - wieder grossartig organisiert und sehr, sehr interessant. Ich finde es grossartig, was da geboten wird.

gerade aus Wien zurückgekehrt vom Rhinoplasty und Malaroplasty Kurs bei Ihnen , welcher didaktisch excellent und kollegial sehr herzlich war, würde ich gern auch den Hands-on-Cadaver Master Class Course mit Giovanni Botti and Mario Pelle-Ceravolo in Vienna, reservieren.

leider schaffe ich es dieses Jahr nicht nach Wien, da ich gerade meine Praxis eröffne.
Ich habe aber zwei lieben Kollegen die Kurse empfohlen.

it was a great pleasure to attend the anatomy courses last year. My colleague  and me would like to  attend it this year,  but it turned out that the registration is closed. there's still more than a month till it starts. If there's any oppotunity for us to be on this courses we will realy appreciate this. With big respect

I would like to thank a lot for your perfect organization of the Human Cadaver Course 08-09.10 with Giovanni Botti and Mario Pelle Ceravolo.Thanks a lot that I was allowed to be part of this exclusive cadaver training. Even I am not a plastic surgeon (I am a dermatologist) I could felt atmosphere of great love and passion to the mission from everybody in the team. The meeting with two of the greatest plastic surgeons excelled all my expectations and previous ideas. These outstanding people showed to the all auditorium their great diligence, patience, respect and real love to the plastic surgery.
I feel very happy that I was part of that training.

vielen Dank für die super Organisation das Kurses… ich freue mich auf den nächsten…

I had a wonderful course last week , every thing was arranged so well and of course both Prof Giovanni Botti and prof Mario pelle cervalo were great ..

I am very much interested to take the advanced course in 2017

der Kurs war klasse und auch super organisiert. Besten Dank

Course was really good. I will come to Vienna for next level in next year

I´m very happy you have introduced these new topics. I took a part in Vienna course in 2012 and it was excelent. This course was my best investment into my knowledge at all. Thank you very much.I looking forward to my stay in Vienna

So many thanks for a fantastic course!

Muito obrigado pela recepção, o curso acrescentou muito, tive oportunidade de rever a anatomia e aprender uma técnica cirúrgica de boa aplicabilidade. Gostaria de saber da viabilidade de prepararmos um grupo de alunos brasileiros e quais as possibilidades e temas voltados para a implantodontia que poderemos abordar. Sendo este nosso primeiro contato após o Curso gostaria de agradecer por momentos muito ricos.

Dear doctors,I want to thank you a lot for that beautiful course we had in Viena as well as for the warm and friendly atmosphere. I truly appreciate you kind hospitality. Best regards from Riga

Grazie a voi per questo corso che e' stato semplicemente entusiasmante e sotto ogni punto di vista superiore alle mie aspettative. Un particolare ringraziamento agli ospiti dell'Istituto di Anatomia di Vienna per l'ospitalita', l'efficientissima organizzazione e la cortesia con cui ci hanno accolto.
Cordiali saluti.

It was a real pleasure to see and meet you on Nov. the 12th, the course was one of the best I have ever attended, so when I got to know about you're upcoming course in March (12th & 13th) from Dr. Traxler's announcement, I thought I have to attend this one too.

thank'you! The course has been great!

first of all I'd like to congratulate you for the great course you organized.

I would like to thank all the people involved in the Cadaver Face Lift Course last weekend, as it was probable the most stimulating and enlightening courses I have ever attended. I have returned to work with a level of enthusiasm and confidence that I could only have dreamed of before. Please pass on my thanks.

I want to thank you  and your team at the Anatomy centre for the good course held. My special thyanks to Prof. Dr. H. Traxler, Dr. N. Fock, Prof. H. Breitschopf  and  Dr B.Giesenhagen. The course was very practically oriented and we learnt a lot . I am hoping to put it into Practice straight away. Vienna was great and hope to send my son for a bit of Anatomy training as he is doing his 4th Yr in Medicine now.

My name is dr. Taner Chemal, I am a dentist from Romania. We met last year in November at the Cadaver Course in Vienna. This e-mail is a good opportunity for me to thank you ones again for the professional course that you organized last year, it was a pleasure to take part on it.
Thank you in advance for your amiability.

After 2 days of travel I have arrived home safely....... the layers of clothing slowly started coming off as I came closer to home and now I am sitting in 35 degrees celcius.......
I am feeling very hot now after spending a  week in Vienna. I really had a great time in Vienna and I think I will be returning soon. Sitting down an working in solitude , meditating over the exercise and lessons learnt really help solidify the skills and techniques learnt...... I have only to thank you for the opportunity. I look forward to seeing you soon, Warm Regards from Hot Darwin

Sehr geehrter Herr Professor,
Möchte mich noch einmal bei Ihnen für den excellent organisierten und durchgeführten Impantat-Kursus bedanken welcher letzte Woche in Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma Straumann in Ihrem Institut organisiert wurde. Dieser Kursus war sehr lehrreich und hat mir sehr viel gebracht

cara helene, gentilissimi prof traxler and dr fock
we've just arrived home and we want sincerely thank you all for your "fabuloso" effort to organize this unic course really a special experience in our professional walk. We'd like to come again in november for advanced.

"Of course i would like to send me everything that you organize and keep contact with you. The reputation of the courses becomes famous in Greece especially for the maxillofacial surgery courses. You are very organized and keep this level because everyone that makes a course there is so excited that is impossible not to come again or propose it to someone else."

"Grazie a voi per questo corso che e' stato semplicemente entusiasmante e sotto ogni punto di vista superiore alle mie aspettative. Un particolare ringraziamento agli ospiti dell'Istituto di Anatomia di Vienna per l'ospitalita', l'efficientissima organizzazione e la cortesia con cui ci hanno accolto. Cordiali saluti."

"I attended your course last weekend in Vienna and I want to thank Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen, Dr. Norbert Fock and Prof. Hannes Traxler for the wonderful weekend. I've learned things that most people only try to teach by showing you pics and books. In my country people make you pay lots of money for implantology courses that end up to be ridiculous because you don't have a hands-on experience.
I've learned more in this weekend than in the last two years of practice.
In my opinion anyone trying to dedicate themselves to implantology should have a mandatory hands-on-cadaver course, now I think I have the confidence to do surgeries that I was too scared to do. And I think next year you are going to have a lot of people from Portugal wanting to go to Vienna. Thank you for everything and I might repeat the course someday."

I attended to the Esthetic course that took place the last weekend, and after the good experience, me and my colleague would like to reserve a place for the advanced esthetic course of November.

Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed the course at the weekend.

We've just arrived home and we want sincerely thank you all for your "fabuloso" effort to organize this unic course really a special experience in our professional walk. We'd like to come again in november for advanced.

"There are no words about my feelings about Your Course. The organisation, the buffet, the surroundings in the anat.lab., the video with Norbert, the extraordinary well-trained teachers, the warmly-friendly contact with You all. I'm very...very happy having participated this Course! Would be very nice of You to let me informed about all things like that in future."

"I did enjoyed the Vienna program a lot. I want to thank you for the slot in the course." Rafael A. Castro, M. D., AgeNixed Medical Center

" The best organized and supervised hands-on seminar I have everattended."

" Dr. Fock`s and Dr. Traxler`s genuine love for this work is apparent and contagious."

" Foi um prazer imenso ter participado no vosso curso. A vossa organização está de parabéns e faço votos para que continuem com a realização de mais cursos práticos porque, infelizmente, cada vez há menos oportunidades de realizar disseção em cadáver. Deste modo, gostaria de reservar para o próximo ano 2 VAGAS para o vosso curso."

"I now have a clear and thorough understanding of the facial anatomy."

"Dissecting vastly surpasses looking in anatomy books, watching videosor viewing pre-dissected specimens"

"A great learning experience, even for a new facial surgeon.
You cannot operate on a textbook or video ."

"I am a beginner in facial surgery, so hands-on dissection was the ultimate educational experience
for me."

"This seminar is a must for anyone who does any kind of facial surgery......"

"Rare educational opportunity at a great price."

"Great seminar! Hands-on learning taken to the extreme.
My surgical skills have expanded exponentially as a result of this seminar."

"An experience with the human face you'll never forget.......
A First Class seminar from beginning to end."

"Attention to every detail.......
If you had to choose one seminar, this is DEFINITELY THE ONE!"

"If you think you are not smart enough to take this seminar, you are cheating yourself."

"My treatment knowledge and techniques were greatly enhanced from this course.
I highly recommend this course for any facial surgeon wishing to go to the next level
in their practice."

"Awesome - Fantastic - I learned so much.....
After the course I felt this course should be mandatory for all surgeons dealing with the face"

"Pictures in anatomy books cannot substitute for this exceptional learning experience."

"A phenomenal experience....I am very appreciative of this opportunity and look forward to returning."

"Attending this course has added a whole new dimension to my work."

"I have taken this course twice and will return again. The format allowed me to stay totally focused....
I highly recommend it to my fellow colleagues, the knowledge you will obtain is invaluable."

"Three weeks ago I performed my first face and forehead lift with smas preparation. During the operation, I was thinking about all I learned during the human cadaver dissection course in Vienna.
It was so helpful to have the almost identical to reality feeling of the fresh cadaver tissues. I (and the patient too!!) am delighted with the result!!!"

"Heute habe ich gerade wieder eine Orbita korrigiert und beim transcarunkulären Zugang an die Schichten Präparation in eurem Kurs denken müssen. Das war wirklich Klasse und ich habe das Gefühl noch mal richtig was gelernt zu haben... "

"Once more I have to congratulate you and Hannes on the Aesthetic Surgery of the Face course."