Advanced dental implantology including hard and soft tissue managment



Preliminary Program


09.-10.November 2019



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Anatomy Traning Centre, centre of Anatomy an Cell Biology

Medical University Vienna

Währingerstrasse 13, 1090 Vienna


Course language: English





the procedure is guided step by step present by:



Dr. Norbert Fock, MD DMD


Dr. Bernhard Giesenhagen


PD Dr. DR. Frank Kloss







Prof.Dr. Hannes Traxler

Dr. Norbert Fock





Course Aim


In this two-day course you learn and practice different bone augmentation concepts and soft tissue management to perform big augmentation procedures successfully. The augmentation procedures will focus on the Bone Ring Technique for vertical augmentation and block augmentation with allogenic bone blocks as well as CAD/CAM designed allogenic bone blocks.

The course focuses on state-of-the-art oral implant dentistry and advanced soft tissue reconstruction. The course is highly practical and hands-on oriented on fresh frozen human specismens (80% of the time), while about 20% will be lectures, technique-explanation and live-/video-taped surgeries.

Two participants will work together on a human skull, which enables a “close to reality” training of the surgical procedures. The speakers will show all techniques by live video  transmission and will be around to support you together with the team of the center of  anatomy.





Course Description


The participants will perform advanced cosmetic facial surgery techniques as descriped in   the topics. 80% of the course are hands-on with 20% lectures about explanations of the techniques and live or video taped dissection/operation, all step by step. A maximum of two participant swill be assigned to a fresh and not embalmed cadaver- a "close to reality" simulation of the surgical procedures







NEW: with allogenic block augmentation



Day 1: 09.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.



Bone Augmentation with allogenic bone rings


• Vertical bone augmentation with allogenic bone rings


• Dissection of anatomical danger zone:

lingual + inf. alveolar + mental + infraorbicular nerve, palatine + facial + submental artery


• Sinus floor elevation with the ring technique


• Techniques for a tension-free wound closure





Day 2: 09.00 a.m. – 05.00 p.m.


Block augmentation and advanced soft tissue techniques


• Bone augmentation with allogenic blocks


• Presentation of maxgraft® bonebuilder concept and cases


• Techniques for the restoration of a functional and aesthetic emergence profile


• Soft tissue grafts


• Trouble Shooting